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No More Paychecks?!?!

To commemorate my 3+ years, my colleagues pulled their money together and threw me a raging PartA. Well not exactly for me… it really was a pre-arranged summer outing. 

Mojitos with rock candy stirrers (for the ladies), hand rolled cigars, and a cornhole tournament was the order of the afternoon. After Sciascia and I took and an early exit in the 2nd round of the tourney, we turned our focus to the dunk tank. Yup, I even took the plunge.

Then it was on to the Bottom Lounge for some unnecessary shots of whiskey…err… whiskey is almost always necessary! A Houdini disappearance was in the cards by midnight.

It was a great way to celebrate my departure from a firm I greatly admire whose talent boasts some of the best real estate professionals in Chicago. Though it was immensely difficult to walk away from a job I truly enjoyed, the thing I will miss most of all are my former colleagues.

So feel free to send me a portion of your hard earned paycheck, address TBD.

- Greg

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