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RTW Itinerary Update

As Ash and I wrap up our tour of South America (how time flies), we spent a day revisiting our itinerary and made some adjustments.  Input from fellow backpackers, Dutch diplomats, and otherwise informed travelers provided incredible insight.  This will change again no doubt!

The big shift resulted in skipping Scandinavia for two reasons.  First, we met loads of people from Sweden, Finland, and Norway whom directed us away from their countries saying, “you might be a tad bored.”  Second, this part of the world is a bit too expensive for budget backpackers.  We shall leave this corner of the globe for another day.  Thus, Scandinavia was replaced with twirling pasta in Italy, more time exploring the Dalmation Coast, and history lessons in Turkey. 

We plan to purchase RTW plane tickets in New Zealand at which we will have to solidy many of our destinations.  So if you take a look at our itinerary and believe we left out a must-see destination, please direct us in the comment section!   

At the top of the FOF homepage, you will see a link to our RTW Itinerary.  Follow this link and discover a renovated Google Map and step by step itinerary.  You may zoom in/out and change the map settings to include satellite images/terrain.  If you are feeling really crazy, there is a link directly below the map that will take you to the actual FOF RTW Itinerary Map.  Here, you may see our route in more detail and our mode of intended travel.


Greg & Ash

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