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Boh Tea PlantationAshley likes to call Greg “Hideki, her Japanese Tourist.” This loving nickname on account of all the photos he takes. Perhaps she is correct… it has been five months and 4,728 Photos and 37 Videos have been uploaded to the Follow Our Footsteps Flickr page. Don’t worry… there are plenty more in the queue! Content is uploaded in fits due to fleeting access to Internet while on the road.

At the very top of the FOF homepage is a link called “Gallery.” Click that and you will be taken to a custom webpage with four tabs from which to choose.

1) Photostream: these are the latest photos that have been uploaded to Flickr. They are not sorted.
2) Photosets: arranged alphabetically by country name, you may choose sets of photos from particular areas of each nation.
3) Collections: arranged alphabetically by country name, a mosaic of 12 photos is displayed with a short description of where the photos originate. Clicking on the picture arrangement will allow you to choose particular Photosets to view.
4) Interesting: if you can explain the rhyme or reason on this tab, be sure to let us know. Best we can tell, it is a random assortment of 1000s of photos.

Of course, you may also access the FOF Flickr page (and see full-sized images) by clicking on photos within blog posts.

We hope everyone is doing well and you enjoy the amateur photography.

- Ashley and Greg (aka Hideki)

Learn From Our Footsteps:

1) Uploading photos / video can be time intensive.  Once you have content to upload to your online storage provider (Flickr, Kodak), place it on a Thumb Drive.  Carry this small hard drive in your pocket and as you visit Internet Cafes, plug the small devise in the USB port and upload it as you can.

2) When you come across hostels / hotels with Internet included, use this opportunity to upload large files like video.  We like to let our netbook run at night to process lots of content.

3) When your memory card(s) are full, be sure to back them up.  DVDs are your best bet because they hold ample media and are light enough to send home economically.  If you are carrying a laptop / netbook, back up pictures there too.

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