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A Look Inside Bazils

Come on in folks, everyone gets a look.  Step right up!  Take a tour of the world’s best campervan.  Maybe our next adventure will be inside a three ring circus.  Greg will charm snakes with Bazils’ water hose and Ash will perform contortionist positions inside the campervan’s nooks and crannies. 

We logged 5,362 kilometers attaining a dismal 8.14 liters/kilometer.  We consumed 659 liters of petrol at an average cost of $1.70 per liter.  Below is a pictoral tour of our home on wheels. 

The Driving Cockpit (that is what campervan pilots call it), water and LPG (cooking gas) tanks, and Greg’s daily task of filling the H2O:

Driving Cockpit Workin' For The Week Water and LPG Tanks    

Storage above table/bed, kitchen with Driving Cockpit behind, and cabinets, fridge, and stove:

Storage Above Table/Bed Kitchen with Driving Cockpit Behind Cabinets, Fridge, Stove

What comes out of a tiny kitchen on wheels can be surprising: steak dinner with red wine, blueberry flapjacks, and a continental breakfast:

Steak Dinner with Red Wine Blueberry Flapjacks... Score! Coffee Like Sludge

Bazils backside is beautiful… shots with the hatch popped, table in place, and Ash writing in pretty cursive in the journal.

Bazils Backside Table Ash Writing

The multi-functional table/bed area.  It can be used as a bench and when the sun sets the table doubles as a bed frame.  Ash loved to read prior to sleep, oh, and run down the campervan battery.

 Bench Bed Ash Reading... Running Down the Campervan Batteries

Campervans come in all shapes and sizes.  Makes and models.  New and old.  Bazils was perfect for us in every way and it was quite hard to say goodbye. Sob.

So Many Options Ain't She a Beaut Clark?  Hard to Say Goodbye

- Greg and Ash

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