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3… 2… 1… Action: Aussie Outback

Litchfield National Park in Australia’s Northern Territory is simply busting at the seams with amazing waterfalls, termite formations, and swimming holes.

Below is a short video of Tolmer Falls with the rain pouring that ends in a shot of the Outback’s wide open spaces:

Next is a glimpse of the hard to describe Magnetic Termite Mounds.  Are they incredible, spooky, fascinating, strange?

Finally, witness Greg fight the formidable current below Florence Falls:

- Ash and Greg

Learn from our Footsteps:

1) Near Darwin in Australia’s Northern Territory are two national parks: Litchfield and Kakadu. While similar, much of Kakadu’s rugged terrain requires 4×4 access. In fact, in the monsoon season most of its sights are inaccessible. Litchfield on the other hand offers the same experience year-round and without the expense of hiring a 4×4 or paying for a group tour.

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