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Domo Arigato Mr. Mom

Being in the Far East cannot diminish the love we share for our Mothers. We are both immensely blessed to have been raised by such caring women. Even at our worst, we know their love is unconditional. Just remember that love goes both ways!

With Sue Dietz and Cathy Miller on our minds, we employed the assistance of school children, stone warriors, elaborate temples, and strange creatures. Below is a compilation of photos from all around Kyoto, Japan that display our thankfulness to them on their special day!

Happy Mother’s Day!


Greg and Ashley

Ash and Greg Do Battle with Stone Warriors Sue Birthed This Strange Creature?

Greg with School Gals Ash with Japanese School Gals These Kids Were Distracted By Greg's Sweet Hair

Kiyomizu Temple Entrance Kiyomizu Temple Train to Osaka

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