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3…2…1… Action: Hilarious & Adorable Kids of APCA Orphanage

Located 60 kilometers outside Phnom Penh, APCA Orphanage is set amongst stray cattle, rice paddies, and rural shacks. We had the pleasure to partake in a unique Friday night dance party before a raucous beach weekend with the kids.

Ash and I have watched this video no less than one hundred times. Just as “Back That A** Up” puts Ash into hysterics and Willie Nelson’s “Whiskey River” makes my two left feet tremble, these Cambodian kids can’t get enough of “She Got That Boom Boom Boom”:

The timeless and classic “Chicken Dance” has made it to Khmer Country:

This precious moment took place on the way back from the beach at Sihanoukville. During the five hour bus journey we heard this little voice singing “You Are My Sunshine” and we finally captured the adorable culprit:

- Greg and Ash

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  1. A typical Friday night in Chicago would involve an “all you can drink” $30 deal. We discussed this as the orphans brought the kid back in us. Oh to be young. Cherish it little ones.

  • Connie Hum

    What an amazing experience and those kids are just lovely! I'm currently volunteering abroad, teaching English to children of Burmese migrant workers in Thailand and I have to say, I'm a little bit in love with all of them! Thanks for showing how rewarding volunteering with kids can be!

  • fofs

    Connie – You are so right, volunteering really shows the fruits of your labors as the children progress. Enjoy Thailand!

    - Greg & Ash

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