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3…2…1… Action – Bangkok

Thailand, Bangkok in particular, have made international headlines for all the wrong reasons (Red Shirt Protests) in recent times. Yet Thailand’s capital, when not under pseudo martial law, is exhilarating to explore. Elaborate palaces, a street catering to cheap backpackers, an impressive airport, dazzling wats, and happening night bazaars. Our travels took us there on two separate occasions under very different circumstances.

Every backpacker that has trod over SE Asia has experienced Bangkok’s Khaosan Road. Here is a taste of the mayhem performed by two inebriated German fellows:

Bangkok is littered with ridiculous palaces and wats. We hung around Wat Intrawiham long enough to absorb the Buddhist atmosphere:

Over three months in SE Asia came to an end at the sensational Bangkok International Airport, but not before managing the intense military presence:

- Greg and Ash

Learn From Our Footsteps:

Red Shirt Protester Camp - Downtown Bangkok1. Sometimes you must weigh risk versus frugality. Such was the case when sorting out travel to / within Japan. It was necessary to purchase the Japan Rail Pass overseas and the Bangkok International Airport was by far the cheapest route to Tokyo. Purchasing the rail pass took us into the heart of the Red Shirt protest in downtown Bangkok, where our transactions were performed expediently. All worked out well, yet the risk was obvious as evidenced by a heavy army presence next to bamboo and tire barricades full of determined protesters.

  • Dancingchic72

    Are you guys done posting on FOF? :(

  • fofs

    We have TONS more to post on FOF. Asia, SE Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Our assimilation back to America (apartment hunting, catching up with family / friends, job interviews, etc.) has taken most of our free time. FOF posts will be back in the saddle shortly.

    Greg & Ash

  • Erica Johansson

    “Sometimes you must weigh risk versus frugality.” So very true.

    Looking forward to read more of your updates!

  • kirk bluegreen

    Yeah I would rather spend a little more to be more secure in where I am located. Love the videos. Cheaper doesnt always mean the worse.

  • Greg

    Kirk – Thanks for reading! The difference in costs for flights to Tokyo from other SE Asian cities was massive. So we sorted out the quickest and safest way to make our transaction in downtown Bangkok then sat within the safety of the airport for 6 hours.

    - Greg & Ash

  • Greg

    Erica – It seems that the risk versus frugality question comes up daily when backpacking. Such is life!

    - Greg & Ash

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