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3…2…1… Action – Taking to the Streets and Bathrooms of Tokyo

Step into Old Tokyo’s Asakusa neighborhood and rub shoulders with the masses:

We thought we had seen it all when it comes to bathroom facilities: squat toilets, holes dug in the ground, scrub brush, etc. But this video shows why the Japanese truly are the most technological people on Earth:

Ash obtains her “bad fortune” and has to go back to the well:

Hipster Japan on display on a street corner in Tokyo’s Harajuku neighborhood:

- Greg and Ash

Learn From Our Footsteps:

  1. For the women who worry about embarrassing bathroom noises, embrace the Sound Princess. No longer must you be self-conscience with an array of buttons at your disposal like an imitation flushing noise. Ash disappeared at the Park Hyatt’s New York Bar and when she finally joined me at the table, she was gushing about the Sound Princess. Perhaps we should add that to our wedding registry?


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