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Full-Time PorterGreg ( - After growing up in the Midwestern United States, working in corporate America for five+ years after college at Indiana University, and coming to the latter half of my 20s, I came to realize my “travel itch” needed some serious scratching!  I see a big world out there and that I would be cheating myself by not taking the time to explore and learn from it.  Everyday on the road was incredibly different from the next and enjoyed each new adventure with the same zeal as our first day living in a dingy hostel “room.”

I am incredibly lucky to have had a companion along the way whom I love dearly.  We grew closer while abroad via a myriad of travails and are in the midst of planning our June 2011 wedding.

Mendoza, ArgentinaAsh ( - In November 2008 I came to a point in my life where I was figuring out “what next?”  The past few years were spent working in the fashion industry and I was trying to figure out if I wanted to stay in this field or try something new… experience a different city or grow roots in Chicago.  On a frigid Chicago night, I was discussing this life dilemma with Greg in great detail, when he said, “let’s travel the world.”  I laughed and said, “I wish!”  Well ten months later we packed our bags (not much room in there!) and hit the road less traveled!

Like Greg, traveling the world was always something I have wanted to do, but never thought it could be possible.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that you don’t need serious $$$ in order to experience the trip of a lifetime.  We hope that through our blog, you too may be inspired to chase your dreams, travel or otherwise.

I am fortunate to have had Greg along for this journey – there is no one else with whom I would have shared this experience.  The experiences and memories we shared will be with us forever.

As a result of our combined wanderlust, we embarked on a 14 month journey across 6 continents.  We have committed to the frequent updating of this blog, which is meant to record experiences, thoughts, and reflections during our adventure and beyond.

- Greg & Ashley

Torre Galcier, Patagonia, Argentina

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