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First stop Lima. All aboard!

first steps in South AmericaAnticipation raging to get our adventure cooking, we arrived in Lima, Peru around 11pm on August 31st to a crowd of Peruvians welcoming home their family member.  We have never seen anything like it.  About 1,000 eyes were trained on us as we searched high and low for Carlos, our taxi driver.  For the first time we understood what a celebrity must feel like.  It was touching to see entire families waiting for one passenger; united in song as they reunited with loved ones.  It was a “Love Actually” moment. 

Full of excitement with the combined brain power similar to an amoeba, taking our anti malaria medication slipped our minds.  Note, take doxycycline with food, side effects include waking an entire hostel to the sounds of projectile vomit.   Low on sleep, we enjoyed the cool Lima airAutobus until mid morning.  After enjoying a $6 breakfast for the two of us, we set out to explore Lima.  Lima in one sentence would be: a fast city full of small autobuses.  Pedestrians be warned. 

We dodged buses for three miles and finally reached the Pacific coast.  Lima´s coast is very reminesent of Southern California, just more rocky.  It was nice to gaze at, but nothing spectacular in our opinions.  After a simple lunch, a fascinating stop at the supermercado, and an haphazard IMG_0357bus ride ($1 US total) to Hostel Malka in San Isidro; we were spent.  We met our first travel buddy from Australia, Cameron, sharing a spare Cusquena while dining on a baguette filled with salomi, mozzarella cheese, and avocado.

As our eyelids grew heavy, we both agreed… one day in Lima is plenty.  In the next 3 weeks, we look forward to discovering what Peru´s ancient ruins, Amazon forest, lakes, and canyons have in store for us! IMG_0954

- Ash & Greg

Note: must learn mas espanol.

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